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First we have a video from Caspar which almost became a swim to school!

Then a video (click here for high speed and click here for polished!) from Eloise showing why London's CS11 needs to be built (yes folks, this is a park - Regents Park in London). There's also a bit of post-production on this version - nice!

In Newcastle, some deep breaths getting along roads with too many fast drivers, but some nice off road serenity with Sally (click here for link);

Here's a video from Sylvia showing that a longer route was needed to get her 10yo to school and showing the reality of main roads.

Sometimes, a tandem is the best option in this video from Dawn. (Click here for link);

Here's an eerily quiet sub-two minute school run from Ranty Highwayman;

And another little video from him showing a classic Outer London crossing where green men fear to tread. But just look at the little dude on the bike! (click here for link).

Cycling to school is not for the faint-hearted. From Sally. (click here for link)

Plenty of photos coming in as well;

Some stress-free cycling from Dawn.

Stopping off for some park time from Eloise (and a very nice bike)

A change in mobility for Rose.
(photo from Ranty Highwayman)

A bicycle made for three (I think!) from Sally

4 miles seems easy at the start, but thank goodness
for the cargotrike from Sylvia

For Dave, it's like herding a bunch of drunk sheep
across a football pitch!

For Twisted Witch, there were no bikes

because of bin day. But, we don't know
if the bin was the vehicle of choice!

A bit of a hill climb from Karen, but coming home
will be easier (make sure the brakes are good!)

Tim celebrating the ride to school and actually,
many drivers leaving space and smiling.
(one less car on the road you see!)

A tandem selfie from Joan.

Running late with Amy. A nice conker tree, but
we're less happy about the school dinner lorry
blocking the path.

A Friday park stop with James.
(Did you know this is "lollygagging"?)

And finally, a photo-montage from Jitensha Oni and the
proportion of kids riding to school versus those being
driven which shows how far we have to go.


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